Amanda Stanton Kabuki Brush

Amanda Stanton Kabuki Brush

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Made specifically for use with the Amanda Stanton x GITL Self Tanning Drops with Hyaluronic Acid, Amanda designed this chic and all pink kabuki brush for easy application!


The Amanda Stanton x Get Into The Limelight vegan kabuki brush contains fine, silky soft bristles, perfect for contouring your face.

The base of the brush is flat so it is easy to dry after cleaning.

Amanda's Contouring Tips
  1. Drop the Amanda Stanton x GITL self tanning drops onto brush.
  2. Contour face with kabuki brush using gentle sweeping motions and focusing on cheekbones, forehead, nose, and jawline.
  3. Slather face with daily moisturizer and blend evenly to effortlessly enhance natural face contours and achieve Amanda's signature glow.

After use, rinse brush well in warm water until water runs clear.

Do not dry kabuki brush with heat. Air dry for best results.

Brush is made of nylon bristles, an aluminum collar, and a plastic handle.