Lime Juice Instant Phone Charger (4-pack)

Lime Juice Instant Phone Charger (4-pack)

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Get Into The Limelight is powering up your battery game! Introducing LIME JUICE: the precharged, ready-to-go emergency phone charger! No more begging bartenders for a behind-the-bar charger. No more panicking when Uber is on the way and phone is at 1%. No more turning the car around with 5 minutes worth of music on cardio day. Now, you have juice... Lime Juice to be exact 😉

This one-time use, precharged emergency phone charger works with both iPhone and Android and has a recyclable ABS shell. Simply plug the Lime Juice into your device and properly dispose of the battery after use. POWER UP!! 🔋🔋📲

  • 4-pack includes the following colors: 1 lime green, 1 hot pink, 2 white
  • 1000 mAh Li-polymer Battery
  • Charges drained phone up to 40%
  • 6 month shelf life


  • Store in dry location
  • Do not disassemble device
  • Keep away from sharp objects to avoid punctures
  • Properly dispose lithium battery per local guidelines