Sammi Sweetheart Accessories

Sammi Sweetheart Accessories

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The Sammi Sweetheart Accessories include a set of tanning applicator mitts, a back applicator, and a kabuki brush for the perfect Sunkissed look.


Sammi’s five-layer self-tanning applicator mitts apply sunless tanning product evenly while promising stain-free hands.

The velvety soft back applicator makes applying self-tanner easy. You can do it all by yourself!

The vegan kabuki brush contains silky soft bristles so you can sweep over tricky-to-tan areas like hands, feet, and face and easily build up the most natural-looking tan!

Directions for Use
  1. Mitts: Simply insert hand into the mitt, apply self tanning mousse to the mitt, and evenly smooth it onto the areas that you want to cover in long gliding movements. Mini mitt can be used in the same way for the face and other small areas of the body.
  2. Back Applicator: Apply self tanning mousse directly to the center of the back applicator in a few different spots. Grasp the handles and pull the applicator side to side on your back, going back and forth many times all up and down your back.
  3. Kabuki Brush: Pump a pea-size amount of mousse onto the brush and apply in a circular motion. Gradually apply more product until the area is sufficiently covered.

Once you are finished with application, rinse accessories well in warm water until water runs clear. Alternatively, mitts and back applicator can be machine washed on delicate with detergent.

Do not dry accessories with heat. Hang to air dry for best results.