Self Tanning Applicator Mitts

Self Tanning Applicator Mitts

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Get Into The Limelight’s five-layer Self Tanning Applicator Mitts apply sunless tanning product evenly while promising stain-free hands. Give yourself a flawless UV-free tan application!

Our five-layer padded mitt design promises even self tanning application. Weft microfiber lines the mitt on the inside and outside, ensuring a soft, velvety feel on the skin. A soft pile finish provides optimal surface for blending any form of sunless tanning product into the skin for a streak-free finish.

Our Self Tanning Applicator Mitts are premium spa products lined with a TPU layer, preventing any sunless tanning product from entering the comfortable 5mm sponge, maximizing the amount of sunless tanning product used and preventing waste. Our mitts are completely washable for reuse over and over again. We recommend the hand mitt for body application and the smaller, finger size facial mitt for face, hands, feet, and smaller areas.

  1. Insert hand into the mitt.
  2. Apply self tanning mousse to the mitt and evenly smooth it onto the areas that you want to cover in long gliding movements.
  3. Once you are finished with application, rinse mitt well in warm water until water runs clear. Alternatively, mitts can be machine washed on delicate with detergent.
  4. Mini mitt can be used in the same way for the face and other small areas of the body. Apply the product to the mitt and evenly smooth it onto the areas that you want to cover.
Do not dry mitts with heat. Place mitt over a bottle or hang it up to air dry for best results.
One size fits most.

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Great for Anyone!

For someone that has never used a mouse self-tanner, my first experience went grreaaaatttt! So easy to use! The color shows up on the skin so you can easily see what spots you have missed. I slept with it on over night and showered in the morning; the color washed off and left a beautiful blended bronze color! The smell is very subtle, unlike other self tanners which was nice. Also, I have sensitive skin and my skin took very well to it! I highly recommend to anyone wanting a beautiful color without the tanning beds or sun rays!

Holly Nikituk

High Quality Product

I have a rare skin condition that leaves me with unpigmented patches of skin that are very sensitive. I’ve tried many self tanners before and none left me impressed. I recently tried the dark chocolate mousse in hopes to help even out my skin tone, and I absolutely loved it. I found that 1) The mousse did NOT make my skin or patches appear orange. It gave a nice smooth natural glow. 2) it was super easy to apply, and went on without any streaking. 3) I had no sensitivity issues at all. My sensitive skin was happy . 4) Unlike many other self tanners, this mousse smelled nice. It didn’t have the fake chemical smell like the others I’ve tried. It’s been a few days and my skin is still glowing which means that 5) it lasts like it should. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone looking for a self tanner and especially to those with sensitive skin! Love it!



I absolutely love this product!! I was feeling so pale thanks to my lack of being outdoors. BUT I feel like I finally have a glow! Even my girl friend commented on how tan I look. It's smells fantastic, especially during and right after application! And the glove really does help rub the mousse in without having to worry if my hands will give it away!



I've probably used every tanner on the market and even have an airbrush machine but let's be honest, when it's snowing outside I'm not about to go out there to tan! This gives me the same streak free natural looking tan and I was shocked at how it smelled like a hint of cocoa not at all overpowering like other solutions. I also loved how I immediately had color on my legs because I am not a planner so I'm glad it had this tint before it fully developed. This did not rub off on my clothes at all or stain my sheets. SO beyond impressed!