About Us

You're welcome to read about us, but really, we're all about you.

Seriously, there is nothing worse than a bad lit selfie on a fab makeup day, a dead phone on a night out, or swiping a credit card while buying 5 things at a high-end cosmetics store! Wouldn’t life be easier (and less expensive) if you used a sponge that didn’t absorb all that expensive make-up so quickly?


Each Get Into The Limelight product is carefully designed to make real-life problems easier – and we like to add a bit of sparkle, glitter, and glow in them too.


When you order, the highest quality goods ship from our home to yours, and if you have questions about our products or an order, don’t be surprised if you hear from our CEO herself!


At GITL, the door is always open, the floor is always yours, and DMs are always welcome to slide in. We are open to suggestions, product ideas, and partnerships, creating a brand centered on confidence and inclusion because everyone has a spot in the Limelight.