Back Applicator

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We've got your back! Get Into The Limelight’s velvety soft back applicator makes applying self-tanner easy. You can do it all by yourself!


Our back applicator is made of soft material to provide a velvety feel on the skin that grips but doesn't absorb tanning lotion. The durable construction keeps applicator firm yet flexible during use.

Made with two handles for easy and even application across hard-to-reach areas, we promise no more streaks or spots!

This back applicator is completely washable for reuse over and over again.

Directions for Use
  1. Apply self tanning mousse directly to the center of the back applicator in a few different spots.
  2. Grasp the handles and pull the applicator side to side on your back, going back and forth many times all up and down your back.

Once you are finished with application, rinse back applicator well in warm water until water runs clear. Alternatively, back applicator can be machine washed on delicate with detergent.

Do not dry back applicator with heat. Hang it up to air dry for best results.

One size fits most.